IPhone 13 with WiFi 6E will be introduced

WiFi 6E
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IPhone 13 with WiFi 6E

It’s been a long time since the introduction of the next iPhone, but rumors have started about the next generation of Apple devices. It has been reported that the iPhone 13 will be introduced with Wi-Fi 6E.

The iPhone 12 introduced this year uses Wi-Fi 6. Barclays analysts now predict that the iPhone series will be introduced next September 13 with support for the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

Wi-Fi 6E will have the same features as Wi-Fi 6, but in the frequency band, it increases by 6 GHz and increases the bandwidth. This feature provides less interference for supported devices.IPhone 13 with WiFi 6E

In addition to the introduction of the iPhone 13 with Wi-Fi 6E, some models in this series are supposed to have a new chip produced by Cirrus Logic. According to analysts’ research, it is said that Apple has no other plans for the iPhone SE, and it is unlikely that in the coming months we will see the release of a new model of this series and a version with a larger screen.

Last year, Barclays analysts also made accurate predictions about the iPhone 12 , and their data can be viewed positively.

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