iPhone next generation Getting Vapor Chamber Cooling


The next generation of iPhones will be equipped with a steam chamber cooling system

Apple CEO Ming Chi Koo says the next generation of iPhones, which are part of the iPhone 13 family, will be equipped with a steam chamber cooling system.

Given the small space that smartphones have, they are not expected to use PC-like cooling systems, and that is not at all realistic. This means that manufacturers must find a way to balance the output power of the phone with how it manages the heat generated.

With the support of 5G mobile network, phones are now working harder and harder than before, and this could mean that the body of the phones is warmer. It seems that Apple wants to solve this problem in the next generation of iPhones by using steam chamber cooling technology. Ming Chi Koo, a senior and trusted Apple analyst, says Apple is working hard on the technology to bring steam rooms to its handsets.

What is a steam chamber cooling system?

In steam chamber technology, as the name implies, liquids evaporate inside a special heat pipe. The tube wraps around your phone, dissipating the heat generated from the parts, and all this is done by evaporating the liquid. This steam then passes through the condenser bodies (cooling components) to dissipate the heat and return the steam to the liquid.

Apple is said to be working hard on the technology, but it looks like it is still in the early stages of development and has not yet found its way into iPhones because it falls short of Apple standards. Can this technology finally be embedded in the Apple iPhone 13 ? Time will prove everything.

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