IPhone SE 2021 and AirPads Pro 2 will be introduced soon

IPhone SE 2021

IPhone SE 2021

According to information leaked by analysts and the Japanese publication, there is a possibility that the iPhone SE 2021 and AirPads Pro 2 will be released in April.

According to information published by the Japanese magazine Mac Otakara, this year there will be a replacement for iPhone SE 2020. The magazine claims that the new iPhone SE will be released in April (exactly one year after the release of the previous version).

This leaked information contradicts the forecast of the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicts that the new iPhone will not be released in the first half of the year. So far, it has been proven that the iPhone SE is very popular and has even been able to overshadow the iPhone 12 Mini, which has been available for several months.

Other analysts have previously claimed that Apple will launch the new iPhone in February, and the reports are related to a new model for the iPhone 12 family (LTE). It’s no surprise that Apple will release a new iPhone in early 2021. Only one question remains, will this iPhone be a new member of the iPhone 12 family or will it be called SE 2021?

The design of AirPads Pro 2 is different from previous AirPads

IPhone SE 2021

According to recent reports, there is a possibility that the iPhone SE 2021 will be released with the AirPads Pro 2. There are no other details of this product in these reports and there is only a possibility that the dimensions of this gadget will be reduced. The AirPads Pro case is 60.6 mm wide, 21.7 mm thick and 45.2 mm high and is expected to drop to 54 mm in width.

IPhone SE 2021

The AirPads Pro was launched in October 2019, and the next generation is expected to launch in the second half of 2021. According to Bloonberg, Apple is working on the next series of AirPads and it looks like the design of this gadget will change. Mac Otakara magazine is quite reliable and has recently published new information about the iPhone 13, which looks like the iPhone 12 (with flat edges).

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