Android Desktop Manager Android file management station on your PC. By installing this software, you no longer need to stare at its small screen to manage your mobile files ; Everything is done on your computer. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB or WiFi cable and do the rest on the computer. Now you can easily watch movies on your Android phone or tablet inside the big screen of the monitor and listen to your music with the powerful speakers of your system. All phone files, whether memory card or internal memory, are available to you through this program; You can easily delete them, rename them; Copy or cut.

It is also possible to view and manage text messages and phone numbers in the program. It is easy to add or complete contacts in your phonebook. You can view the phone gallery photos back to back and next to each other and delete the ones you do not like. Other files such as PDF books, etc. can also be viewed in groups in the program. You can output the contact list in vCard format in VCF format and edit it in spreadsheet programs such as Excel .

One of the major concerns of phone and tablet owners is their valuable information. What if, as a result of carelessness, you lose important files and, most importantly, your contact list and text messages, or what happens to you when your personal gallery photos are deleted? So we have to prevent. It can be just a click of your important data backed up and easily retrieve it at any time. The appearance of the program is very simple and beautifully designed and the method of working with it is very convenient.

Features and Features of Android Desktop Manager:

  • Beautiful appearance and very easy operation
  • View videos, songs, pictures and phone files on your computer
  • Ability to view and edit contact lists and text messages
  • Ability to back up and retrieve information
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ability to convert contact list to VCF file