Iron Speed ​​Designer 12.2.0 x86

Iron Speed ​​Designer 12.2.0 x86

Iron Speed ​​Designer is a software for making web and mobile applications. In just a few minutes you can build a complete software, page, code and SQL without manual programming. Enjoy unlimited access to all code resources and no need to pay for permissions at runtime and dedicated software. If you need software to enter data, report, track or manage, you can use Iron Speed ​​Designer.

Features and Features of Iron Speed ​​Designer:

  • Text editor
  • Date Calendar Selectors
  • Upload and download files
  • Validation of created data
  • Optimized mobile page layout
  • Application security integration
  • Control access to page and component levels
  • Remember username and password
  • Recover forgotten password
  • Encrypt data and URL parameters
  • View Google Maps
  • Build mobile app location information
  • Filter and sort records by proximity to location
  • Convert from street address to latitude and longitude
  • Summary of key performance indicators
  • Quick view of past and present data
  • Double-click element to see basic information
  • PDF and Microsoft Word reports
  • Support for third party reporting tools
  • Get output to Microsoft Excel for further reporting and analysis
  • Output to ASCII CSV for easy file sharing
  • Import data from common file types
  • Alert users for pending tasks and status changes
  • Email personalization without programming
  • No SMTP coding

Installation guide

Available in the text file included with the software.

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Download Iron Speed ​​Designer 12.2.0 x86

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