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A mind map is a tree diagram used to express ideas, words, and activities related to a particular topic. Usually, when thinking about a particular subject, many ideas and thoughts enter the human mind, which are often not organized. We use a mind map diagram to store this data temporarily so that we can deal with it more accurately later. In this diagram, only the keywords are stated and details are avoided. There are many software for building a mind map on the computer, which is a good choice for the Mac OS iThoughtsX. With this program, it is easy to create all kinds of mind maps.

The environment of this program is designed very simply and in a secluded environment away from complexity, you can register different keywords in the program and adjust them to your favorite layout. This program can be used to group data and display tasks and connections and dependencies between these tasks, recording thoughts and ideas and so on. One of the good features of this software is the ability to import or export information from other mind mapping software such as iMindmap, XMind , etc. It is also possible to import information from spreadsheet software such as Excel. You can save the mind map as HTML, Word file, MS Project, etc.

Features of iThoughtsX:

  • Draw mind maps visually and hierarchically
  • Simple and minimal graphical environment
  • Ability to change the layout of the chart
  • Ability to import information from other mind mapping software such as XMind, OPML, etc.
  • Generate output for HTML, PowerPoint , Word and other formats

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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