ITI TranscenData CADfix 12 SP1 x64

ITI TranscenData CADfix 12 SP1 x64

CADfix is ​​a great tool for editing, converting and simplifying CAD files. You do not always need to use heavy and specialized programs to open and modify these files. Sometimes we need minor fixes and quick changes to these files. We may want to fix the problems in these files or output them in other formats. In this case, CADfix is ​​presented as an idea solution. Sometimes opening a CAD file in a number of engineering software is subject to changes and the existence of the necessary conditions, this issue can be resolved with the help of this program. All you have to do is open the desired file inside this program and apply the required changes and finally get the output you want.

One of the interesting features of this product is the possibility of simplifying 3D CAD files. These files are usually Feature-Base. With the help of CADfix, it is very easy to remove and simplify these features. This software is able to open even heavy and highly detailed files and provide the conditions for your desired changes by analyzing their geometry. One of the most important applications of this program is to use CAD files in old CAD, CAM, CAE software. We recommend that you have this product as a simple and efficient tool along with other specialized software so that you do not need to refer to heavy engineering software for simple changes and adaptations.

Features and features of CADfix:

  • Import and export to most major CAD formats with data support standards
  • Advanced engine for repairing and fixing topological problems in the geometric structure of CAD models
  • Ability to work with the program in wizard and batch processing modes
  • Ability to simplify complex geometries through advanced model analysis and reduction of required features

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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ITI TranscenData CADfix v11 SP2 x64

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ITI TranscenData CADfix 10

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