iTools Pro Windows / macOS

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iTools is a great replacement for Apple’s iTunes software. With this program, users are able to manage their iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad in a beautiful environment. By connecting different devices to the system, their detailed information such as their memory level, charge level, songs, pictures, phonebook and… can be seen. You can easily back up the data of the device with a few clicks at any time and restore this information as needed when needed. Apple software is well known, and this program is no exception to this rule. All graphic elements are designed to be extremely beautiful and with careful observance of distances. It is very easy to work with this program and its various capabilities can be realized in the shortest time.

One of the interesting applications of this program is the ability to add and edit contacts on the iPhone. Typing with a computer keyboard is much easier than your small smartphone keyboard. On the other hand, if you have a lot of connections on paper and you want to enter them all in a row in the phonebook, it will definitely take time to use the phone to do so. In these cases, using iTools, you can easily add a large number of new contacts to your phonebook.

If you are interested in viewing images on your phone as a slideshow on your computer, iTools still does not disappoint. With one click, all the images in the phone gallery are displayed as a slideshow. If you are a musician, it is definitely very important for you that the metadata or specifications of the music files are correct. You may have downloaded songs from the Internet for which this information is not set correctly. Using this software, you can complete or edit all the ID3 specifications of music files. This way when you use your device player to play songs. Classifying songs by singer, genre, year of production and will be much easier than before.

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