IVT BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0

BlueSoleil is one of the most popular Bluetooth software released for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Windows CE operating systems. It is an easy-to-use tool due to its large and creative features. BlueSoleil is able to fulfill the integration demands of a set of active Bluetooth devices including mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards and more. You can also exchange information from the network with other computers with active Bluetooth.

Features of BlueSoleil:

  • VoIP support
  • Transfer files from / to mobile phones
  • Contact your contacts via Skype with Bluetooth headset
  • Wireless internet access anywhere, anytime and even on the go
  • Listen to music stored on your computer using a Bluetooth wireless headset anywhere in the range
  • Transfer images from Bluetooth of a digital camera to a computer without any cable connection
  • Print files using a Bluetooth printer even in another room (print and fax documents from the phone)
  • Use a wireless keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth to control the computer
  • Exchange or synchronize personal information with other laptops and mobile phones
  • Multi-user Windows support
  • Use the mobile phone as a wireless modem for PC and laptop
  • Take photos from the phone’s camera, send sms text messages, make voice calls via ip to the phone using a broadband connection