Janus GridEX 2000b Retail

Janus GridEX 2000b Retail

Janus GridEX 2000 is the name of a powerful program with many features that you can use to create programs with Microsoft Outlook user interface. Create various tabs, dedicated buttons and other features that you need to provide to your user in the shortest possible time. You can even include tips in the program so that the user can easily get acquainted with the environment of your program faster.

After designing the program, you can run the desired output of your software on the Internet and the web. The style of the outlook program is such that it supports several different languages ​​simultaneously and supports features such as data binding with both Data Access Objects and ActiveX Data Objects. Janus GridEX 2000 is one of the data-aware applications.

Each component of the Outlook style can be edited and customized to any shape. In the Grid you can find unlimited mode that can be used to manage data, regardless of the format, without worrying about capacities, groups and و.

The programmer who works with this program can easily create all kinds of restrictions and specific conditions of their choice on the program, or put their desired conditional commands on different software groups. While advanced features have been developed in the program so that the programmer can create the software as desired, there is also a simple user interface and quick access to make it easy to develop the work program.

Table of Contents

Features of Janus GridEX software:

– Convenient and easy user interface
– Creating different tabs
– Custom output control

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