JavaScript Simplified - Advanced Course 2021-4 + Bonus Projects

JavaScript Simplified – Advanced Course 2021-4 + Bonus Projects


JavaScript Simplified – Advanced Course is an advanced JavaScript training course. In this course, you will learn how to think like a developer and create any project you can imagine. The instructor of this course, Kyle Cook, explains in the description of this course that he may have watched hundreds or thousands of hours of JavaScript training videos, but after all this training, he still has problems in the most basic projects, which he later realized was a problem. Education is not the learner. This course is based on teaching two vital parts of the programming language: the structure/concepts and how these concepts relate to each other.

Advanced course level: This part of the course not only covers advanced-level concepts but also teaches you concepts such as security, testing, and how to write clean code.

What you will learn in the JavaScript Simplified – Advanced Course:

  • Advanced level JavaScript
  • Learn the concepts of security, testing, and how to write clean code in JavaScript
  • JavaScript project-oriented training
  • Object-oriented programming training
  • Functional programming training

Course specifications

Publisher: JavaScript Simplified
Instructors: Kyle Cook
Language: English
Learning Level: Advanced
Number of Courses: 68
Duration: 18 hours and 33 minutes


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JavaScript Simplified Course Titles – Advanced Course:


Welcome (2:04)

Advanced Features

Destructuring (18:53)
Spread And Rest Operator (14:14)
Enhanced Object Literals (5:08)
Default Parameters (5:35)
Null Coalescing (4:30)
Optional Chaining (9:01)
Maps (12:49)
Sets (5:54)
Symbols (10:19)
Generators And Iterators (12:15)
Object Getters And Setters (9:13)
Bind (7:31)
Call And Apply (4:51)
Minesweeper Project (43:18)
Math Solver Introduction (3:14)
Math Solver Walkthrough (34:41)

Using Future JavaScript

ES Updates (10:00)
Polyfill (5:00)
Transpile And Babel (10:45)
Bundlers (3:42)

Object-Oriented Programming

Prototypes (10:46)
Class Basics (10:31)
Class Inheritance (8:40)
Public, Private, And Protected Properties (10:26)
ATM CLI Project (36:37)
Calculator Project Introduction (1:51)
Calculator Project Walkthrough (34:18)

Functional Programming

What Is Functional Programming (2:53)
Pure Functions (11:46)
Immutability (8:05)
Higher-Order Functions (11:07)
Function Composition (6:22)
Currying (8:40)
Minesweeper Functional Programming Project (40:25)


What Is Testing And Why Is It Important (4:54)
Advanced Debugging (11:04)
Jest Basics (16:53)
Types Of Tests (8:00)
Unit Test Project (22:07)
Integration Test Project (12:46)
End To End Test Project (25:28)
Test-Driven Development (5:40)
How To Know What To Test (10:02)
Jest With ES6 Modules (6:23)
Math Solver Test Walkthrough (6:46)
Minesweeper Test Introduction (1:02)
Minesweeper Test Walkthrough (38:44)


NPM Audit (16:26)
Cross-Site Scripting (7:33)
Sanitize User Input (4:59)
All Your Code Is Public (6:59)
Never Trust The Client (5:40)
Cookies (5:48)
Weather App Project (50:25)

Clean Code

Clean Code Basics (6:41)
Code Order (6:35)
When To Use Comments (8:52)
Coupling And Cohesion (8:36)
Facade Pattern (14:22)
Guard Clauses (10:16)
Composition Vs Inheritance (16:07)
Don’t Repeat Yourself (5:59)
Color Game Introduction (1:30)
Color Game Walkthrough (50:21)


What’s Next (5:24)

Advanced Focused Projects

Custom Database (2:04:49)
Ecommerce (1:22:15)
Google Calendar Clone (1:14:50)

Course prerequisites:

Nothing! You really don’t need to know anything about programming before taking this course. The only thing you should know is the basics of HTML since all of the projects in this course will be based on HTML.




Installation guide

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Version 2021/4 has increased the volume by 3 lessons and about 4 and a half hours compared to version 2021/3.

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JavaScript Simplified – Advanced Course 2021-4 + Bonus Projects

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JavaScript Simplified – Advanced Focused Projects (Bonus Projects 0nly)

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