JEB Decompiler for Android 3.0.0 Pro

JEB Decompiler is a powerful Android decompiler software made by and for security engineers. JEB is a reverse engineering platform for disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and file analysis of documents and code manually or as part of a line of analysis. With this powerful software, you can easily decompile and analyze obfuscate or obscure APK files or Java code in minutes. The module, along with a powerful user interface for desktop operating systems, allows refactoring and scripting operations to automate complex tasks.

Features and capabilities of JEB Decompiler:

  • Perform static and dynamic analysis of Android apps, good or bad, small or large.
  • Decompile the code using Dalvik decompiler including multi-dex APK
  • Refactor analysis to break down obscure code generated by the program protector.
  • Recreate obscure XML sources and files.
  • Debugging and debugging Dalvik code as well as all native code (Intel, ARM)
  • Automate and script reverse engineering operations using the api
  • Using Java or Python, users can write their own scripts and plugins to automate the reverse engineering process.
  • MIPS Processor and Decompiler The microcontroller allows reverse engineers and security auditors to analyze malicious MIPS programs and complex audit systems (routers, top-down boxes, IoTs, etc.).
  • Advanced optimization to remove protected or obscure code

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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Download JEB Decompiler_for Android Pro

Download JEB Decompiler_2.3.12

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