JFormDesigner 6.0

JFormDesigner 6.0

JFormDesigner is a convenient tool for Java programmers to use it to design attractive graphical interfaces based on Java Swing toolkit. With the special support of JGoddies, FormLayout, GroupLayout, TableLayout and GridBagLayout, this tool helps programmers to be able to design and create beautiful and professional forms in a short time. Since the amount of manual coding for designing forms by this program is significantly reduced, the time for designing forms will be reduced accordingly. This allows you to spend more time on the logic of the program and the main parts of the project.

JFormDesigner has been developed in such a way that even people who are not very familiar with coding in the field of user interface design in Java can design their desired forms and graphic elements in a short time. One of the main advantages of using this program is the rapid construction of prototypes, which makes you spend less time in the design phase of the project. In TableLayout mode, you have high design flexibility, for example, you can easily add free space or the same separators both vertically and horizontally.

It will also be very easy to change the header and add and remove new columns and rows in the grid structure. Everything is done as a drag drop and you will have very little conflict with the code. This tool allows programmers to localize the user interface language with great ease. All resources and strings used are stored in a central location with a key that changes the language of the user interface. This program can be used as a plugin for Java coding environments such as Eclipse, NetBusiness, Intel J and JDeveloper.

Installation guide

For version 6, after installing the software, run the Keygen file from the Crack folder with Run as administrator and click on Patch. Import the JFormDesigner.jar file from the default path (for 64-bit Windows) C: \ Program Files (x86) \ JFormDesigner \ lib. Then enter the desired information in Keygen and save the license file. Finally, run the program and import the license file saved in the previous step.

This version was installed on 17D96 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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