Jollans Multi-Language 6.03.0011 for Visual Studio 2010-2019

Jollans Multi-Language 6.03.0011 for Visual Studio 2010-2019

Jollans Multi-Language is a complete package for multilingual .NET programs. If you are writing programs with Visual Studio and want to add a language other than English, you will probably need to spend a lot of time. Unfortunately, .NET applications , such as Android coding, do not use an integrated mechanism to localize the application language, and it is the task of the programmer that all program strings, from the words used in the user interface to the error messages and the strings are intertwined within the code. Translate and present. Of course, by following policies and frameworks such as storing all the strings in the receivers and calling them in the code, this path can be smoothed, but the problems of this method still remain.

Due to this issue, Jollans Multi-Language package has been released to simplify this process. This collection is presented with the main purpose of localizing programs written in .NET and includes all projects of Windows Form, WPF, Windows Store, ASP.NET 2.0, Compact Framework, Supports MFC (or unmanaged C ++) and all .NET languages. Using this tool, you can easily identify all the text used in the project and translate its equivalent into another language and save it in a database in XML format. You can hide texts that do not need to be translated so as not to clutter your work. The program has a simple and orderly graphical interface and a separate column for each language that you can easily write the equivalent of a word in different languages. You can also automatically translate words using Google Online Translator.

Features and characteristics of Jollans Multi-Language component:

  • Automatic detection of text from inside designed forms and source codes
  • Save multilingual text inside an XML format database
  • Ability to hide words that do not need translation
  • Add comments to post ideas for translating words
  • Ability to get output for Excel or OpenOffice software
  • Import translations from spreadsheet files
  • Ability to translate online and automatically by Google Translator
  • Support for right-to-left languages ​​

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