JQWidgets 9.0.0

JQWidgets 9.0.0

JQWidgets is the name of a powerful programming widget for designing and building professional websites and mobile applications. The widget in front of you as a comprehensive and innovative JavaScript library is able to provide a comprehensive and perfect solution to meet all your needs according to all standards in web programming languages. The creators of this product believe that this widget is able to provide the necessary set of user interface components required by developers, in order to facilitate product development and reduce the cost of their project.

JQWidgets has been designed and built to maximize user interaction. This means that the product in front of you is able to meet all your needs in designing and building professional software and web pages. With this widget, you will have access to a pre-built JavaScript user interface that is fully responsive to a variety of screens such as desktops and mobile screens. The widget is also designed to be completely sensitive to all browsers around the world and offers amazingly flawless performance.

This widget is also known as a jQuery-based framework for building web-based applications. JQWidgets contains over 60 UI widgets. Also in this product, all available widgets are designed from the beginning and are based on a powerful ordinary core.

Features and Features of JQWidgets:

  • Integrity in construction and design that results in better quality and lower speed
  • Take advantage of all the features of a complete UI widget
  • It is possible to work on various devices such as computers, mobile phones and touch screens
  • Benefit from excellent and enriched performance
  • Fully prepared for use on the advanced web level
  • Benefit from over 60 UI widgets, over 30 charts and over 1200 code samples

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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