JSONBuddy Desktop 5.4

JSONBuddy Desktop 5.4

JSONBuddy is an interesting and very useful tool for creating, editing and troubleshooting json files. This information format is commonly used by programmers. This format, like xml, keeps the information we want structured and organized. Developers can map this information to objects or, conversely, save program objects in this format. The good thing about this type of file is its simplicity and text. You can even change the settings of an application or other related information by manually changing the file in a simple editor such as NetPad.

Reading these files is not a difficult task, but if we want to write a string in the form of this structure in our code, it is difficult and time consuming. In complex and nested objects and structures, this complexity increases even more, which sometimes causes errors. JSONBuddy is a graphical tool that helps programmers create these structures. The program displays the concatenated structures of json files with separate colors, we can change each node separately. The results are completed automatically when you type. We also have tools for checking the syntax and validity of these files, which we can find out with one click whether the file is valid or not. One of the interesting features of this program is the ability to convert between json and xml files to each other. You can do this conversion without a single click with just one click.

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JSONBuddy Compatibility:

Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7/8/10



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Download JSONBuddy Retail
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