JSONSelect 1.4.5828.42609

JSONSelect 1.4.5828.42609

JSONSelect is an experimental language choice for JSON, making it easy to access data in JSON documents. JSONSelect defines a language very similar in syntax and structure in the CSS3 selector. The program expressions are templates that can be matched in JSON documents. Potential applications include:

  • Simplified program implementation in JSON documents
  • Stream filtering allows efficient matching and enhancement of documents.
  • As a query language for document documentation.

The specifications of this program are in three levels. Higher levels include stronger structures as well as more complex implementation and use.

Features and facilities:

  • JSONSelect Level 1 : A small subset of CSS3. Each property is derived from a css structure that is directly derived from JSON. Implementing Level 1 providing query features is not particularly complicated.
  • JSONSelect Level 2 : Created a more complex CSS structure on Level 1, which allows expressions such as templates that match the value of the value. Level 2 is still an adaptation of CSS.
  • JSONSelect Level 3 : Add structures that necessarily have direct analogues in CSS that are added to increase the power and convenience of the selector language and include aliases, class functions, and..
  • Includes more popular structures than popular CSS settings and implementations

Installation guide

Run the existing file.

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