Judo – Injury and Illness

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As this sport entails rigorous bodily exercise and joints manipulation, minor accidents and sickness do happen to the gamers. Nevertheless, some accidents could also be extreme if a participant doesn’t play with cautious measures and focus.

The Worldwide Judo Federation has very strict guidelines concerning the dealing with of the circumstances of medical remedy of the accidents as a result of the character and explanation for the accidents might have an effect on the award and ending of the match.

  • Until the mat choose permits, the medical group is prohibited from coming into into the taking part in space.
  • A contestant as soon as opts for medical remedy mechanically forfeits the match.
  • If a contestant turns into unconscious on the ground, with out the appliance of choking approach, then the medical group is certain to attend the case even when the contestant has not opted for it.


Nostril bleeding circumstances don’t get medical consideration. Contestants have to make use of cotton balls within the nostrils by themselves.