Judo – Techniques

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Totally different methods in Judo are often known as waza. Three several types of waza are as follows.

  • Nage-waza (Throwing methods)
  • Katame-waza (Grappling method)
  • Atemi-waza (Attacking Methods)

Atemi-waza is just not in style as a result of it’s designed to harm the opponent. The one who performs this waza is called tori and upon whom this waza is utilized is called uke.


On this method, the tori tries to throw the uke on the bottom. This additionally includes varied levels. The act of steadiness breaking beneath this wazas is called kuzushi. Equally, the act of delivering and becoming into the bottom is called Tsukuri. The act of efficiently executing and throwing upon the bottom is termed as Kake.



This course of includes the artwork of holding somebody firmly and seizing him. This waza is additional divided into many classes corresponding to osaekomi-waza (holding method), shime-waza (act of choking the uke by the tori) and kansetsu-waza(tori tries to make uke down by manipulating his joint elements).


Leg Sweeping Methods

Leg sweeping is a course of wherein a participant tries to place his opponent on floor utilizing his legs. Mastering this system might be very useful for you and it may be a key think about profitable a match. Listed here are some cool methods that it is best to study and take a look at.

Foot Sweep

Foot Sweep

  • Step 1 − Make the opponent to step ahead in the direction of you.
  • Step 2 − Earlier than he steps again, simply catch one in all his ankle together with your leg.
  • Step 3 − Now swift the ankle by your leg in the direction of the suitable route and let it go in order that he’ll fall on his again on the bottom.

Good Leg Sweep

Nice Leg Sweep

  • Step 1 − Apply your complete weight on the physique of your opponent such that he’ll tilt in the direction of his left.
  • Step 2 − Make it possible for he applies all his weight on the left leg, proper leg being in air.
  • Step 3 − Sweep the supporting leg with sturdy power, ensuing straight away fall again of your opponent.

Spin Hit Method

  • Step 1 − Put your leg aspect sensible between the 2 legs of your opponent.
  • Step 2 − Flip again in the direction of your opponent.
  • Step 3 − Transfer your hip nearer in the direction of your opponent to assist his complete weight on you.
  • Step 4 − Now put your leg close to his leg and tilt him up within the air for a transparent and straightforward sweep.

Spin Hit

This system is also referred to as Harai Goshi. Though these methods are helpful however usually include worth once we use them with out correct steering and precautions. It’s all the time a sensible resolution to follow these beneath the steering of a grasp. Other than this, it is best to discover ways to defend when your opponent applies the identical upon you.