Flashback: Kane dies twice in the hands of Microsoft and Verizon!

Flashback: Kane dies twice in the hands of Microsoft and Verizon!

In this flashback, we look at the phones and the Kin-Kin series operating system, which was designed by Microsoft and Verizon.

If you’ve been a techie who has been following the news of 2010 and 2011, you may be familiar with a gadget called Kane. The device was offered by Microsoft in two models, Kin One and Kin Two.

A long time ago, there was a T-Mobile partner in the United States called Danger, which was founded by Andy Rubin. However, after a short time, Robin left the company to work on the design of a new operating system called Android; Before being purchased by Google. However, after Robin left, Microsoft, which was also looking for a new operating system, bought Danger to pave the way for the design of future Windows Phones.

The result was the Kane series, which was actually under construction as the Project Pink before Danger was purchased. Of course, Microsoft was in a hurry to design the gadgets and Kin operating system, and spent about $ 500 million to buy the company to move faster.


Of course, as mentioned, Microsoft used Kin to build Windows Phone, which was later used in Lumia phones. Kane’s older operating system, however, bore little resemblance to what we know of a Windows Phone, borrowing most of its elements from Zune as well as Windows CE.

By doing so, Microsoft was completely targeting the young population; Kane phones were designed to send messages and connect to the Internet. At the time, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace were among the best apps booming, attracting many users. However, the need for a small device that can do some of the work of a personal computer and still keep the name “smartphone” was felt more than ever.

It is also interesting to note that, as mentioned, Kane’s operating system bore many similarities to what we know today as Windows Phone. Therefore, we can mention the tile mode in the menu as well as the display of the audience in the Metro menu, which were later introduced for the first time in Windows Phone 7.

In addition, an attractive feature of this phone, which was also very popular with some fans, was a feature called Spot, with which you drag each of your audience to a green circle on the screen so that you can quickly send messages to them. Submit text or video. Next to that, there was a great feature called Kin Studio that somehow acted as a mirror website for the phone. This way, all your messages, photos and videos are automatically synced with the main server so that you can easily access them on your PC and in your browser. The website also provided users with the Spot feature for file sharing.


In terms of specs, the Kane 1 and Kane 2 had a very slow 600MHz processor mounted on one of Nvidia’s first chips called the Tegra. With that in mind, you might think this is a great spec for a phone running Windows CE-like; But the remarkable thing is that the implementation of all the features mentioned in the graphic and modern menu of Metro, required power that required more than a 600 MHz processor.

Another problem is the weakness of the Kin operating system, which left virtually no way for users to install non-factory applications and did not have a store like the Windows Store, which was later installed on Windows Phone. This caused a lot of problems for the two phones; Like not having the simple and useful programs needed that could not be provided at all. In addition, there was no word-correction system on the two phones, so many users objected to the gadgets on official Microsoft forms.


However, as mentioned, the Kane series phones were made for young users who prefer to talk on their phone instead of talking. Due to this, the design of this phone had a QWERTY keyboard sliding under the main screen of this phone, which was slightly different in the two models of Kane phones, but both were opened in the same way and had the same function. There are also many similarities between this gadget and Danger’s old Hiptop phone; While the specifications of the two are slightly different, their DNA looks the same as the T-Mobile G1. The legacy that Danger took with it to Microsoft.

With all that said, it’s a bit unfair to say that the sale of Kane phones was a huge failure; Because it was actually a big scandal! However, after only 48 days, the supply of these phones was stopped and both Microsoft and Verizon were disappointed to continue working on this project.

You must be curious to understand the reason for this; It is interesting to know that Verizon, which is a mobile network operator in the United States, sells the Kane 1 for $ 20 and the Kane 2 for $ 50. However, users had to pay $ 30 a month to buy the phone and use its features.


Microsoft, however, did not condone the phone supply problem, as well as the scandalous failure that had occurred; For this reason, when the Lumia series phones were released, Microsoft no longer chose Verizon as a partner and continued on its way.

However, it is interesting to know that after the separation of Microsoft, Verizon continued to work and again introduced its two Kane phones, this time with the suffix m called Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm, which this time gave more access to users. . Of course, this access did not mean that all the features of the phone were available for free; Instead, only a few basic apps were added to the list of apps used alongside the calendar and a calculator app.

However, Verizon’s one-year effort to rebuild the Kane phones still failed, and in less than a few months, in late summer 2011, the company again announced that it no longer supported the services of the two phones. Of course, if you have been following the news about Windows Phone in 2017, you must be aware of the failure of Microsoft to build Windows Phone phones after a few years.

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