KAPPA Emeraude 2.42.10

KAPPA Emeraude 2.42.10

KAPPA Emeraude is a leading provider of software for dynamic data analysis, as well as training and consulting services. Data for analysis can be at any scale: usable in HDIS (high resolution and recording frequency), in production analysis, for context model compatibility, use of both PIP interpretations and formation test data. Ecrin is a software environment in which all CARRA analytics work. With an application running, you can ensure complete connectivity between modules and allow them to share common technical items such as PVTs, models and data.

For example, if there is a PVT object in the Saphir module, it can be transferred to the Topaze module through the browser. Therefore, the data is entered only once and you can even perform operations such as: transferring the entire Saphir document to the new Topaze document, obtaining information, pressure, evaluation and modeling. String entry, or PL, is done in production or injection wells to evaluate good performance or reservoir performance. In other words, in the case of good production, we must determine the composition and amount of current from each formation. The rapid expansion of horizontal wells in recent years has led to the development of suitable PGI equipment. The main problem is in the flow layer structure, which is located by several measuring sensors distributed around and across the cross-sectional area. Emeraude does not lag behind these improvements and offers an option for computation and imaging performance for data interpretation.

Features and characteristics of KAPPA Emeraude software:

  • Diamant: Data processing from a fixed depth gauge
  • Saphir: Hydrodynamic data analysis
  • Topaze: Production forecasting and analysis
  • Rubis: Three-dimensional three-phase tank simulation program
  • Citrine: Group analysis of locations

Installation guide

Uncompress and run.

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