Keil MDK-ARM v5.34 / C51 v9.60a / C166 v7.57 / C251 v5.60

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Keil is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of tools and software related to the electronics industry and in a special way, the production of compilation tools, troubleshooting and development for various types of microcontrollers. The company’s products are installed as modules or components in the integrated Vision IDE  programming environment. In this development environment, complete features such as code editor, program troubleshooting, complete simulation and. Are provided. MDK-ARM software is the company’s main product, which includes isionVision, and other microcontrollers such as C251, C166, C51 will be installed and used as modules.

Features of Keil Toolkit :

– Integrated development environment for a variety of compilation, simulation, debugging and عملیات operations

– Support for Cortex-M, Cortex-R, 8051, C166, 251, ARM and… family of processors

– Advanced C and C ++ programming in ARM processors

– Possibility of advanced analysis

– Has a complete bank of examples and samples for user familiarity

– Having a dedicated RTX operating system with real-time processing and computing capabilities

Existence of an extensive library of GUIs for writing graphic software

Existence of a set of tools and programming classes for working with TCP / IP networks as well as USB devices


Tips for these tools :

With the exception of MDK-ARM software, which includes Vision 5, there is C51 software for 8051 tools, C166 software for XC166, C166 and XC2000 MCUs, and C251 software for 80251 tools.

– The provided crack is two general keygens to activate all editions of the original and common products of Kiel.

– The Keygen file may be mistaken for a virus by some antiviruses; If the file is completely clean.

There are two tools to support older ARM7, Cortex-R, Cortex-M and ARM9 microcontrollers.

– To get Application Notes here  and see examples, source codes, sample projects and. Here . ـ

required system

10 / Windows Windows Vista / Windows 7 / 8.1

Mouse or Similar Pointing Device

: Available Hard Disk Space

C51: 200MBytes

C251: 100MBytes

C166: 100MBytes

MDK: 1.4GBytes

(1GBytes of RAM (2GB recommended

Pentium Class PC



See Also QCAD / QCAD CAM Professional 3.26.0 x86 / x64 + Legacy

Installation guide

Install the desired version of MDK-ARM software and run isionVision and click on License Management from the File menu. In the Computer ID field, copy your CID and enter it in the corresponding field in Keygen. Select the type and edit tool and click Generate. Enter the generated serial number in the New License ID Code LIC field and add it.

download link

Download Keil MDK v5.34
Download Keil MDK-ARM 5.30
Download Keil C51 v9.60a
Download Keil C251 v5.60
Download Keil C166 v7.57
Download Keil New Keygen
Keil MDK-ARM DFP Device Family Pack

MDK 4 Legacy Support
Download Keil MDK-ARM 4.74
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