Keysight EMPro 2020.1 x64

Keysight EMPro 2020.1 x64

EMPro is another Keysight software, either formerly called Agilent or for EM analysis. In this software, the effect of RF and microwave electromagnetic waves on various components such as high-speed chips, integrated packages (IC packages), antennas, on-chip and off-chip PCs, and analysis and simulation can be analyzed. کرد.

Features and specifications of EMPro software:

– Layout objects can be imported from ADS software to this software.
– CAD files can be imported into the software, modified and simulated
– Quickly create custom 3D structures and have advanced Python scripting features.
– Simulation in the field of time
– Analysis, installation and commissioning used in 3D 3D simulation technologies both in the field of time and in the field of frequency: FEM, FDTD
– Simulation in the field of frequency
– Parameters and specifications of three components Next it can be exported to ADS software and simulated in the schematic environment and layouts of this software.
– Create three-dimensional components that can be simulated with the two-dimensional layout and pattern of the circuit inside the ADS, which is used in multiple EM circuit simulations.
– The desired 3D objects can be created manually and temporarily or through ready-made patterns

– The best software for simulating RF / microwave components
– Integration with the design process of ADS software
– Configuration and execution of simulation can be done in two areas of frequency and time in three dimensions.
– Quickly create optional 3D structures through a simple and modern GUI that saves time and provides advanced writing features to the user.
– The integration of the design process allows the user to simulate the created three-dimensional parts in two dimensions and in the schematic environment of ADS software by EM-circuit.
simulator engine
– FEM simulator engine – Modern and efficient modeling environment

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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