KeySight Genesys 2020 x64

KeySight Genesys 2020 x64

Agilent Genesys Software Product of Agilent Company, which has recently been renamed Keysight, is one of the well-known companies in the field of production of telecommunication equipment and software for simulation and analysis of telecommunication circuits. There are various capabilities such as the ability to connect software to hardware. Made by the company, the existence of a strong user interface, extensive training resources and و has made the company’s software has a good position among electrical, electronics and telecommunications engineers.

The home page of Agilent Genesys software is a user-friendly environment in which sections for creating schematics, linear simulations, optimizing different parts of the circuit, receiving different statistics and modules for viewing the architecture of the RF system, building different circuits And there are nonlinear simulations and three-dimensional electromagnetic simulations.

There is a section in Agilent Genesys software called Genesys Synthesis, which the user can use in less than a few minutes to modules such as r filters, matching networks, oscillators, mixers, transmission lines, equalizers, PLL and signal control. Add to your schematic, the design of these sections in other software takes a lot of time, and the presence of this section in Agilent Genesys software will increase the design speed and improve circuit performance.

The emulator section of Agilent Genesys software provides you with various facilities for RF / Microwave analysis and simulation for system architecture & frequency planning, nonlinear circuits in time- and frequency-domain, and planar 3D electromagnetic (EM) characteristics. The powerful part displayed in this software is in accordance with the content software and math engineering language.

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KeySight Genesys 2020 x64

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