Kingo ROOT for Windows

Kingo ROOT for Windows

Kingo ROOT is a useful software for easy rooting of Android devices. This program is available in both PC and Android versions, which we recommend using the PC version. This app has the same name as Kingroth and has exactly the same functionality for rooting the phone. Rooting the phone will have many benefits for you. This gives you full access to the operating system and allows some applications to provide you with certain services. For example, many backup software such as Titanium Backup , or crack programs such as Lucky Patcher and software that optimizes the battery and system need to be rooted, or at least provide more features if the phone is rooted.

Installing Kingo Root is very simple and easy to use. Just activate the debug mode in the phone settings, then connect your Android device to the system via the USB port. Now the program detects your device, if you need a driver, downloads the latest version from the Internet and installs it automatically, and finally, with one click, the root operation is performed. Your device may restart during the rooting process, which is nothing to worry about. Your device is now rooted after booting up the system. Routing Although there is a risk of warranty or device breakdown, these cases are very rare and in case of such problems, it is possible to return to the previous state with some methods.

Features and characteristics of Kingo ROOT:

  • Easy installation and convenient operation to root all types of Android devices
  • Automatic download and installation of drivers
  • Beautiful graphical interface and step by step