Korf Hydraulics 3.5

Korf Hydraulics 3.5

Korf Hydraulics is an application software for calculating flow rates and pressure intensities in pipes and piping networks. The program has a user-friendly and simple interface and has a lot of focus on the ease of accessibility of the program. Using this flexible software, you can easily calculate all kinds of calculations related to the flow rate in different parts of the piping network and the intensity of pressure and similar issues. It does not matter if this network is a simple pipe or a complex set of different pipes that are intertwined with different shapes and architectures. All kinds of computing that can be done on simple networks are also readily available on complex networks. This program has been used by various engineering companies in different countries and thus has proven its effectiveness in practice.

Features of Korf Hydraulics software:

  • Advanced but simple user interface
  • Ability to report completely from different parts of the project
  • Benefit from different databases for different pipes, including non-cylindrical pipes
  • Ability to automatically determine the appropriate size of pipes and prevent the use of pipes of inappropriate size
  • Ability to perform two and three phase flash calculations
  • Ability to use Hysys and Aspe data for Flash calculations
  • Ability to display connections based on Le / D, Crane K or Hooper 2-K methods
  • Ability to calculate the heat loss of pipes with a relatively accurate estimate
  • Tools for quick calculation of pipes, cavities and inlets and outlets, control valves and safety valves and

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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