Krypton Suite 4.4.0 + Source Code

Krypton Suite component is a very powerful package including various controls for C # .Net, VB.Net, WPF languages. These controls include Krypton Ribbon, Krypton Navigator, Krypton Docking, and Krypton Workspace, which are not included in Visual Studio by default. You will be able to customize these controls as you like and make many changes to them.

Features of Krypton Suite:

  • Has Krypton Ribbon which includes the following features:
    • Quick Access Toolbar
    • Contextual tabs
    • KeyTips just like Office
    • Automatic group resizing
    • Rich design time support
    • Supports Vista glass
    • Embed custom control in the ribbon
    • Rich ToolTip support
  • Has Krypton Docking which includes the following features:
    • Context Menus
    • Custom Appearance
    • Docked and AutoHidden
    • Layout Persistence
    • Floating Windows
    • Prevent Docking
  • Has Krypton Navigator which includes the following features:
    • Alignment against any edge
    • TabStrip style modes available
    • Single line & Multiline tabs available
    • Hide & Show individual pages
    • Enable & Disable individual pages
    • Events give developer full control over actions
    • ToolTips support
    • Popup pages
  • Has Krypton Workspace which includes the following features:
    • Drag Repositioning
    • Cell Modes
    • Cell Layout

Krypton Suite Component Tips:

  • This version also includes source code.
  • The Latin name of this package is Krypton Suite 4.4.0 with Source Code Retail.
  • To use source code, copy it to C: Users [UserName] AppDataRoamingComponent FactoryKryptonSource.

Installation guide

  1. Delete previous versions of the program completely.
  2. If Visual Studio software is open, close it.
  3. Install the program.

download link

Download Krypton Suite 4.4.0 with Source Code Retail