Landmark Geographix Discovery 2014.0.10004

Landmark Geographix Discovery 2014.0.10004

GeoGraphix is ​​the most complete Windows-based software in the field of geological and geophysical studies, which has recorded successful global experiences in both formal and informal projects. GeoGraphix provides practical solutions for engineers and geologists to meet the exploratory needs of modern day projects, thereby enabling the right decisions to be made to maximize the recovery of hydrocarbon compounds. This powerful software enables geologists individually or as a team to maximize efficiency in an interactive integrated environment. GeoGraphix has unparalleled benefits for reducing business risks and increasing team productivity.

Features and specifications of GeoGraphix:

  • Combining geological and engineering work cycles
  • Fast analysis through three-dimensional modeling
  • Provide quick reports and interpretations in a short time
  • Scalability for multinational workflows
  • Provide formal and informal workflows
  • No need for very strong hardware
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Manage various projects and data without generating duplicate data
  • Ability to use two and three dimensional evaluations
  • Accurate and fast mapping using dozens of different algorithms
  • Quality final output

Installation guide

After installing the program and Hotfix, register the program in the Crack‌ folder using the Mojo license file.

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