Laptop webcam does not work and its reasons and symptoms

Laptop webcam
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Laptop webcam does not work and its reasons and symptoms


Webcam ( webcam ) laptop has many applications. Most users use it to capture and share images as well as live video communication. Laptop or webcam failure is one of the problems that many people, especially Windows 10 users, face. For this reason, in this educational article, we try to examine the laptop webcam not working and the reasons and symptoms; Stay with us….


Causes and symptoms of outages Webcam lap tops

The laptop webcam may fail for a number of reasons. Hardware reasons such as damage to the camera, disconnection, as well as socket failure.

Software reasons that may cause the laptop webcam to not work: Deleting the webcam drive, not updating the driver, sometimes updating Windows or webcam driver, disabling the camera option in Windows settings, blocking the camera by some system software Including antivirus.

By selecting Camera, you should see the laptop webcam light up and activate. Also, when using applications such as Skype and video chat applications, you should be able to easily use the camera feature. If this is not the case, check the software and hardware reasons mentioned.

In the following, we will review the solutions to solve the problem of the laptop webcam not working…


Fix the problem of not working Webcam lap tops


Step 1: Troubleshoot the laptop webcam: Make sure the camera is on:

If you encounter a page like the one below when opening the Camera app, it means that the laptop webcam is off and you do not have access to it.


camera not working


So first of all check if the camera is on or not.

  • Enter Settings via the start menu;
  • Open the Privacy section;
  • Find and select Camera from the left column;
  • On the right, in the Allow apps to access your camera section, select the Camera option.


Laptop webcam not working


The second step to fix the laptop webcam does not work: Licensing the webcam

As you know, Windows 10 has a lot of privacy for its users. The same goes for the use of zdorbin; You can determine which applications can use the webcam. Some of your software may not be allowed to access the webcam. So be sure to check this item as well:

  • Enter the Camera section using Settings and Privacy;
  • From the Choose which Microsoft Store app section can access your camera to the software you want to grant access to the webcam.


Reasons and signs of laptop webcam not working


Laptop webcam does not work and its reasons and symptoms

Step 3: Fix Laptop Webcam: Laptop Webcam Driver Update

But the most important reason for not working is the laptop webcam driver. Lack of driver, outdated driver and sometimes even updating the webcam driver can disable it. Follow the steps below to check the laptop webcam driver:

  • Enter Device Manager via Control Panel;
  • A laptop webcam driver is commonly known as an Imaging Device or Camera; So find one of the two;
  • If you do not have such an option; This means that the webcam driver is not installed at all and you have to install it according to the laptop model;
  • But if you find it, right-click on the driver like the image below and select Update Driver;

Cause the laptop webcam does not work


  • In the window that opens, select the Search automatically for updated driver software option, if there is an updated version for this webcam, it will be downloaded and installed;

camera not working


You can also update the driver manually. By downloading and installing the new version of the webcam driver from the laptop manufacturer’s site.


Step 4 to troubleshoot your laptop webcam: Reinstall your laptop webcam driver

 If there is no update to download, uninstall the driver that is currently installed and reinstall.

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on the laptop webcam driver and select Uninstall device;


Reasons and signs of laptop webcam not working

  • Click Uninstall in the next window;
  • Restart Windows;
  • Windows will reinstall the driver after booting up.


Step 5 to troubleshoot the laptop webcam: Remove the updated version of the laptop webcam driver

Webcam becomes laptop. The new version may not be fully compatible with the hardware or there may be a problem while downloading and installing the new version.

Follow these steps to investigate this issue:

  • Right-click on the webcam driver and select Properties;
  • In the window that opens, open the Driver tab and click the Roll Back Driver button.


Reasons and signs of laptop webcam not working

This will delete the new version of the drive and return it to the previous driver.


Step 5: Troubleshoot your laptop webcam: Check your antivirus

Yes! Antivirus and sometimes Windows firewall can sometimes disable access to the laptop webcam.

For this reason, depending on the type of antivirus, check the settings to see if this has happened.

The image below is related to Kaspersky Antivirus.


Laptop webcam not working


Finally, if the Windows update does not cause the laptop webcam to work, return Windows to the pre-update version.

And if it does not work with all the solutions listed, go to a reputable laptop repair center for a hardware check.

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