Laravel Daily - Live-coding mini-Reddit in Laravel 8 2021
Live-coding mini-Reddit

Laravel Daily – Live-coding mini-Reddit in Laravel 8 2021


Live-coding mini-Reddit in Laravel 8 is a project-oriented mini-Reddit development and programming training course with Laravel framework version 8, published by the specialized Laravel Daily Academy. This course was recorded live-coded at the discretion of the instructor and at the request of the students, which means that the instructor did not have any pre-determined notes or projects and completely online and unplanned a project similar to mini-Reddit. Will develop from zero to one hundred.

What you will learn in the Live-coding mini-Reddit in Laravel 8 course:

  • Install and use the Laravel UI package
  • Complete CRUD operations in the database and application
  • Manage new user forums and posts in the project
  • Install select2 library and create the ability to upload files and photos
  • Filter the display of forum posts by date, visit, and…
  • Add comments, likes, and dislikes to the application
  • Manage user access levels and manage forum messages and posts through forum admins
  • Install PHPUnit framework and perform PHP unit testing

Course specifications

Publisher: Laravel Daily
Instructor: Povilas Korop
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Number of Courses: 25
Duration: 3 hours and 11 minutes

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Live-coding mini-Reddit Course topics


Live-coding mini-Reddit

Live-coding mini-Reddit Course pictures


Live-coding mini-Reddit

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Laravel proposed version: 8

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