Latest rumors about iPhone 13 Portless design and astrophotography

about iPhone 13

about iPhone 13

Revealers have obtained new information about the Apple iPhone 13 – Apple iPhone 13, most of which is related to the camera part of this phone.

New information about the Apple iPhone 13 has been released by well-known whistleblowers including Max Weinbach and Jon Prosser. Weinbach says that the 2021 models of the Apple iPhone Pro use a matte back cover with a softer and more attractive texture, which makes them easier to hold. The 2021 iPhone Pro models will be equipped with an always-on LTPO display, which, like the ProMotion Display panel in the new iPad Pro models, offers a refresh rate of 120 Hz. With 120 refresh times per second, these displays can provide users with soft scrolling and smooth animations. Currently, the Apple Watch uses the same LTPO display, which provides a display feature that is always on for its users.

The display is always on on new iPhones

Weinbach says the always-on display on later iPhones has minimal customization. Their design is something like the lock screen of Apple iPhones and shows the battery charge and the watch. Notifications are also displayed using a bar and icons. When you receive notifications, instead of the screen being fully lit, they are simply displayed by the always-on display technology.

While the exterior of the iPhone 13 series is exactly the same as the iPhone 12, Apple has used more powerful magnets to attach MagSafe accessories to the back of the case. The whistleblower has confirmed that the overall thickness of the phone will increase by about 0.26 mm in the new generation. Of course, this thickness has nothing to do with adding more powerful magnets to the back of the phone.

Astronomical photography with iPhone 13

Apparently, Apple wants to use the astronomical photography capabilities of the Pixel phones for its iPhone 13. This is a feature that allows users of Google Pixel phones to take very clear pictures of the moon and stars in the sky. Simply point your phone at the sky to automatically activate astronomical shooting mode, long exposure, and extra internal processing.

IPhone 13

Talking about the camera, it has been reported that Apple will add Portrait Mode (which it has been working on for some time) to its next iPhones. Thanks to this feature, you can adjust the depth of field in your videos after shooting. This requires super-heavy processing that the 5-nanometer A15 Bionic chipset can handle.


The 5-element lens of the iPhone 12 Ultra-Wide Camera will be upgraded to 6-element in the new generation. And while it still can’t shoot with the quality of the other two cameras, the difference in quality has diminished. A Barclays analyst says the aperture of the iPhone 13 series will increase from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8, resulting in better, clearer photography in dark environments. The telephoto lens on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max also includes an aperture of f / 2.2 and a focal length of 65 mm.

The report released today also contains bad news. Weinbach says the ability to measure blood sugar suitable for diabetics who were expected to be on the Apple Watch 7 Series will not be added to the smartwatch this year. This non-invasive blood glucose measurement can save insulin-dependent diabetics from additional pain and costs. To use this feature, you have to wait until 2022.

IPhone 13

Elsewhere, a whistleblower with the username EverythingApplePro mentioned in a video that the next-generation iPhones may be called the iPhone 12S. Apple is still in internal talks about naming its new iPhones. We can also see the presence of Touch ID in the new generation, possibly under the phone screen. Apple has made prototypes of the next iPhone. The Cupertino-based giant will unveil four new iPhone models this fall.

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