Lavender oil for hair growth
Lavender oil for hair growth

Lavender oil for hair growth

Lavender oil for hair growth

Lavender oil for hair growth

As we talked about in the lavender properties article   , lavender oil can aid in  hair growth  . Most people lose their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to recognize hair follicles and reject them as a foreign body. Lavender oil is  a natural product to treat this condition.

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Properties of lavender oil


The essential oils help in hair growth as well as treat insomnia stress and  anxiety. These oils can prevent  hair loss  . Lavender flower has a sweet and delicate fragrance and the essential oil is extracted from this plant. You can find this oil in most cosmetics.

A study by  dermatologists in Scotland found that 44% of alopecia patients who took the test had new hair growth while massaging their scalp with lavender oil  .

A blend of essential oils of lavender,  thyme  ,  rosemary  and jojoba oil. Carrier oil is also used in this blend, which dilutes the essential oil and helps achieve healing properties without irritating the skin.

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How to use lavender oil for hair

To make a therapeutic combination of essential oils, as in the case mentioned in the study, you can use three drops of lavender oil, three drops of rosemary oil, two drops of thyme oil, two drops of cedar wood oil, mix with three drops of grape seed oil and half a tablespoon Small jojoba oil  .

Most essential oils contain derivatives that help you remove drips. Mix these ingredients before applying  them to your hair  .

Formula application:

Apply the resulting oil to a portion of the scalp to see if you have any allergies or reactions to it. If all goes well, you can take a little bit of the oil and rub it on your scalp and massage.

If you do not like lavender oil and its smell, you can add a little bit of carrier oil to make it thinner. Try not to dilute the oil too much, as it will lose its effect.

After massaging your hair, cover it with a towel. To get the best results from these cases, it is best to use the mixture once a week and regularly for at least 7 months.

Other uses:

 Lavender oil is also an antiseptic. You can use this oil  to treat burns,  wounds, and acne. Other medicinal properties of this oil include reducing pain associated with osteoporosis, muscle pain, and  headaches Pregnant women should not use lavender oil.