Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to read other people’s thoughts

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Ways to read other people's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts

Ways to read other people’s thoughts

It must have happened to you so many times that people couldn’t get your words and that’s why they asked you to repeat yourself. People who make such a request do not realize that they can read your thoughts. And its actually a simple skill to learn.

The truth is that most people can learn how to read other people’s thoughts with specific training, time, focus, and a set of specific skills.

Mind reading isn’t not something that only psychologists can do. Although these people have the experience to do so, others can learn it as well.

Before we show you how to read other people’s thoughts, you need to know that basic information is very important for reading people’s minds.

Once you understand and know the psychology in this process, you will realize that it will be very easy for anyone who is determined to learn new methods to achieve this. There are also tricks and tips that can be used to read other people’s thoughts. These tricks will be more helpful when you know the truth behind mind reading .


You must be wondering why anyone can learn to read other people’s thoughts? The answer to this question is very simple. Usually anyone has the ability to read other people’s thoughts. Although most of our assumptions may be wrong, that doesn’t mean that the mind-reading process has failed.

We can capture the thoughts and feelings of the people we interact with. We often focus our reactions on what we think they are going to do, rather than what they tell us. We often look at their facial expressions and body language and correctly guess whether they are depressed, sick, happy, sad and angry.

Now imagine that the person is a good actor and can hide his feelings.How can one read their mind in such a situation where there is no visual or emotional evidence in the face?

read other peaple's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts


read other peaple's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts

The truth is that to read other people’s thoughts   not  much skill is required . All you need is a drive to learn and a desire to understand people’s circumstances. Obviously, you have to practice a bit before you can master this skill. But you don’t have to have a crystal ball, special cards, or weird outfits. You should be able to clear your mind of all distractions.

For some people, this skill will take a long time to develop. You may want to take yoga lessons to help you gain the strength to focus on your work.

Not only does this help you increase your focus , but it also gives you good flexibility.

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If you want to read other people’s thoughts, you can follow the following tricks and tips to get started. These tricks were developed by a famous psychologist : Kiran Bahara.Bahara’s clients include the most famous and richest personalities in the Entertainment field and trade fairs.

You need to practice these tips with family or friends. You may notice quick results after you start training, but it usually takes a long time.


read other peaple's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts

In addition to clearing your mind of all annoying thoughts and Stress ,you need to unlock your energy for the people and possibilities around you. Don’t think about anything. You must be present. Your mind and soul should be immersed in the energy you receive from people and the environment.

Yoga exercises are a great way to do this. You can practice it at home or in a quiet room. When you want to focus on your thoughts and energy, make sure no one is in the room.


Take a few moments to look at someone sitting next to you. Take a snapshot of the shape of the face, hair, eyes, gestures, body language and other details.

Segregate anything else around this person:

You should have a mental column that separates each person’s features from the other things that don’t belong to him. Separate the person from the chair they are sitting on or the wall behind them. All this is essential so that you can feel the energy that is being produced around you.


read other peaple's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts

Well, now focus on the person. Look directly into the person’s eyes for 15 seconds. Try not to stare into the other person’s eyes for too long. Otherwise, the energy received from the person will be disrupted and the other person will not feel comfortable.

After 15 seconds, look in the other direction, creating a mental picture of the person’s face and eyes. How is this person active? Now sit quietly and let the thoughts and feelings of the person in front of you completely fill your mind and soul. You can now start the process of reading his thoughts .


At this point you can start discovering the other person’s thoughts and feelings. Wisely choose the topic of your conversation. Ask them about their work or life. The thoughts that come to your mind may be exactly the same as the thoughts that come to the other person’s mind.

You can immediately say what you think the other person is thinking. If you have a good memory, you can save these thoughts so that later you can gather all your feelings about the thoughts of the person in question.

The key is to respect and welcome any idea that comes to mind at this point. Even if these thoughts are dark and worrying, you can still let them in. To do this, you must keep your mind open to any possibility.

You may not actually have any evidence that the person in question is depressed, and this can be a little upsetting. It is best to have information about some cases so that you can help the person.

read other peaple's thoughts

read other peaple’s thoughts


There are other tricks you can use to your advantage. Once you have increased your ability to focus on the thoughts and feelings of others, you can use the tricks available to get a clearer picture of what is going on in the other person’s mind.

These tricks can increase your chances of success.


If you know the person you are talking to, you can ask them if they feel the same way about you. You have to be patient in this direction.

Most people are not good at describing and expressing their feelings. They may feel angry when they are really worried  . They may feel nervous and upset when they are ready to move on to another topic.

If the person you are talking to agrees with your feelings, ask them why. Finally, you can make suggestions about what to do next to increase or decrease these feelings.

This is more like  reading the human soul  than reading the thoughts of others .But it is undoubtedly one of the main ways to develop natural skills.


read other peaple's thoughts

Listning skills

Do you know what skill people who have a good relationship with others have developed more than any other skills? Yes, you guessed it. These people are good listeners.

Be fully present when someone is speaking. Don’t just listen to what they have to say. If you listen to him correctly, you will be able to process and understand everything he says.

You should also look for topics that the other person does not like to talk about. If a person can’t have a good day, there must be a reason for that.

Listening carefully helps you discover the reasons for this. In order to succeed in this, you must learn to listen more to what the person is saying. Listen to people and their feelings.


The reason most people today cannot empathize well with one another is that they choose these situations. We often ignore the other person’s feelings.

The longer the duration of this ignorance the weaker the relationship gets. Instead of thinking about a new email from your boss or having dinner, think about your feelings.

According to psychological findings, the more you respond to your own feelings, the more you will be able to respond to the feelings and thoughts of others.


To read other people’s thoughts is something anyone can do and it’s not confined to specific people. You may not have much success at first, but with practice and repetition you will be able to make progress. Never use your newfound ability to offend people.

If you can get to know their feelings well, you can use them in a positive way. Try to use your ability to help people. People who can read other people’s thoughts can be good friends.

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