Learn how to back up your Chrome browser

back up your Chrome browser
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Learn how to back up your Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser is definitely one of the most popular browsers in any Windows system that most Internet users use for browsing and Internet-related matters. For this reason, when they have to remove this browser or replace Windows, one of their concerns is the loss of information stored in it, such as bookmarks, passwords, browsing and download history, and so on. is. But it should be noted that all this information can be easily backed up and reset in a new browser; Join us in learning how to back up your Chrome browser in this article.


Chrome browser backup methods

The best way to back up your Chrome browser is to sign in with your Google Account.

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • First of all, we need a Google account; (I mean the same Gmail!)
  • Open the Chrome browser and click on the three dots on the top right and select Settings;


backup from chrome


  • In the People section, you must click Turn on sync to start logging in with your account;


backup from chrome

Learn how to back up your Chrome browser

  • The Google Account login page opens where you have to enter the username and password of the account where you want the data to be backed up;


Backup from Chrome browser


After entering the email and password, the Google Chrome page will open and you can log in to Settings again,

  • You will see that your Google account address is displayed in the People section, which means that the information of this browser is stored on this Google account;


Chrome backup

Backup settings from Chrome browser

So far we have only introduced the Google Account to Chrome, but to make the settings and specify the items that need to be backed up, you must click on the Sync and Google services option;


backup from chrome


  • In the window that opens, by selecting the Manage sync option, a page will appear where you can specify what you want to back up;


backup from google chrome


  • If the Sync everything option is on, it means that all Chrome browser data is backed up;


Learn how to back up your Chrome browser


  • And if this option is disabled, you can manually specify which items you want to back up, the URLs of the sites you showed (Bookmark), the passwords you saved (Password), the settings you applied to the browser (Settings), the templates. And Themes, Search History, and so on.
  • You must enable any of these items that you want to be backed up automatically.

Import bookmarks and other browser settings into the Chrome browser


A very interesting and useful feature in this section is that you can enter bookmarks and settings of other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome browser…

To do this, just do the following:

  • Enter the Import bookmarks and settings section;


backup from chrome


  • In the window that opens, you can specify what to back up, bookmarks, passwords, search histories, and more.
  • After specifying the desired items, click the Import button;


Backup from Google Chrome browser


  • The backup operation is performed and a window opens announcing that the operation is successful;
  • Click the Done button to close it.


backup from chrome

Restore backups taken with Google Account from Chrome browser

To restore the backup you got from the Chrome browser, all you have to do is sign in again in the new Chrome browser, from the same People section, with the same Google Account (note exactly the same account you entered for the backup), you will see all the history, passwords and Bookmarks will be delivered to you as before…

To all’s comfort ین

Backup Chrome browser bookmarks

If for any reason you do not want to sign in with a Google Account in Chrome and you just want to back up bookmarks so that you do not have problems after installing Windows or removing the Chrome browser, you can do the following:

  • Open the Chrome menu; (Click on the three dots at the top right of the page)
  • Select the Bookmarks option;
  • From the menu that opens, click on Bookmark manager;


Backup Google Chrome browser bookmarks


  • The bookmarks page opens for you to click on the blue bar on the three dots at the top right of the page;
  • Select Export bookmarks from the menu that appears;


Backup Google Chrome browser bookmarks


  • The Save as window will open for you, specify a specific name and path for saving bookmark backups;
  • Finished… You just have to select Import bookmarks from the previous menu whenever you want to use this backup.


Backup Google Chrome bookmarks


  • In the window that opens, select the desired file from the path you specified in the previous step and click Open so that the bookmarks of the previous browser are also available in the new browser.


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