Learn more about the Nanowatch attendance system

Learn more about the Nanowatch attendance system

Nanowatch is an attendance application. Using Nanowatch in your business, you can record staff traffic, calculate performance and manage personnel requests online.

The facilities provided by the attendance application and the Nanowatch system provide businesses with up to 70% savings in time and human resource management.

Teleworking is the best way to implement social distancing

Big companies are increasingly making telecommuting the core of their business. With the widespread spread of the Corona virus around the world and the need for social distancing, the importance of telecommuting to companies has become clearer than ever. Working from home or more technically Remote working is the best way to continue working regularly away from the worries of a corona pandemic.

Google recently announced that most of its operations will be telecommuted, and only technical staff and those without whom Google will be shut down will come to the office. Shortly afterwards, Spotify, which claims to have up to 50 percent of its employees not in Sweden at all, announced that it had made it possible for all its employees to work from home from anywhere in the world.

Technology at the service of business management

You may be wondering how a business that has worked all its life in the office can do all its work remotely in a short period of time? We have to say that it is not as hard as you think. With the advancement of technology and web-based services over the years, there is almost nothing that can not be done over the Internet. Nanovatch online absenteeism application and system is one of these services. Attendance applications are part of human resource management, in most of which, in addition to recording staff traffic, function calculation, request and leave management and other facilities can be used. Nanowatch can be both an application for employees and a portfolio for managers to manage requests. The manager of a collection is able to define fixed and rotating shifts for each employee and edit it if necessary.

Online management systems are more diverse than ever

Calculating the function and traffic of personnel is one of the things that waste a lot of money and energy. Nowadays, with the Nanowatch attendance system, it is possible to observe the operation and traffic of each personnel in an instant and process requests online. Using this system will save up to 90% of time.

Human resource management systems such as Nanowatch are not just for the benefit of managers and business owners. These systems also make it much easier for staff. All personnel requests, including leave, overtime and… can be done in an instant through the application and receive the answer through it. Staff can also view their operations and traffic on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Record traffic and calculate performance in seconds

Most attendance systems have the ability to submit raw reports as word and excel files. Nanowatch is no exception. With Nanowatch, you can output the entire staff as a raw file and import it into other payroll software.


The Nanowatch fingerprint recorder instantly stores staff arrivals and departures online and displays them to the manager and the employee. This means that there is no need to take output from the device, the information is transmitted and stored online and instantly to the nanowatch server. There is also an option for telecommuters to register their working hours in the application. In addition, despite the latest update released for the Nanovatch app, there is no need for a fingerprint device and no use of the app for all personnel. If a business or workshop is not able to use the application for all its staff and it is not possible for them to use the fingerprint device, the manager of that collection can personally enter the staff working hours to be stored in the application for calculation.

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