Learn to take screenshots and record videos on PlayStation 4

Learn to take screenshots and record videos on PlayStation 4

isolation in young people, but today, due to the possibility of making money from YouTube and the existence of some social networks, the interaction between gamers and visitors has greatly increased and completely undermines this belief. It has increased the interest of gamers to share their skills and gameplay with others. That’s why Sony and Microsoft have made it possible for their users to record video on their consoles, but the question is how to store their gameplay and share it on social media. In this article, we will discuss how to save and configure panels in the PlayStation 4 console .

How to take photos and videos on PlayStation 4

The first method:

Press the Share button on the left side of the game controller to take a screenshot and record the video. (This is related to the PlayStation 4 game and may not work in some titles)

When the Share menu appears, you can take a photo of your current page by pressing the triangle button . In addition, you can save the last 15 minutes of gameplay recorded in the background by pressing the square button .

Fortunately, your PlayStation 4 console is constantly saving gameplay in the background; Also, the video recording time on your console is 15 minutes by default, but you can increase or even reduce the duration with the settings that we have discussed below.

The second method:

You can also take a photo of your screen while holding the share button while playing and record the gameplay by pressing it twice.

Note that you will be notified when the recording starts and ends at the top left of the screen.

Screenshot settings and video recording on PlayStation 4

In the Share menu, by clicking on Sharing And Broadcast Settings, you can enter the settings panel:

  1. Share Button Control Type: This option is used to change the notifications of the Share button on the handle.
    Video Clip Settings: Through it, you can adjust the video recording time and its size.
  2. Screenshot Settings: This item has two options, one is to take an automatic screenshot when receiving a trophy and the next option is to specify the format of the photos.
  3. Broadcast Settings: This is about streaming. (Note this option applies when you have access to the Internet)
  4. Audio Sharing Setting: By activating this option, you can increase the appeal of your video by recording your voice with a microphone. This includes 3 options, which are used from top to bottom to record the player’s voice when recording video, recording sound when streaming and multi-player voice recording while streaming.
  5. Link With Other Services: This option also allows you to upload your recorded videos directly to your Youtube, Twitter and Twitch channels.

How to transfer files from PlayStation 4 hard drive to external storage

Most people prefer to edit their videos before uploading them online. That’s why they need to transfer their files to a computer. It should be noted, however, that Sony has made software such as Share Factory available to users for free to edit movies and personalize them; However, there are still people who find it easier to work with computer software.

You need a flash drive to transfer your files to your computer. Preferably back up the data on your device’s port before inserting it. If your memory is not recognized by the PlayStation 4, format it using exFAT or FAT32.

You can go to the Library section and select the Capture Gallery app, see the list of games from which you took a video or screenshot, and access them by selecting the desired game. Enter the settings panel by pressing the Options button. Then, by selecting the Copy To USB Storage Device option, select the desired files and copy them. Then select OK and wait for the files to be copied.

Keep in mind, too, that after taking a closer look at the recorded images and videos, you may notice their low quality, which can be easily solved by connecting a capture card. This device can save your console output video signal in a digital format, save it in its original quality. The best models are Elgato and AverMedia.

You can easily save gameplay and image files and upload them to your computer and upload them to social networks.