Lectora Inspire 18.2.3 Build 11897

Lectora Inspire is a software from Trivantis company for making training courses for mobiles and tablets, e-instructors are able to use this exceptional software to create mobile training courses as fast as possible and save a lot of time. In fact, you take the time and use the good tools of this software to prepare your own educational content and then distribute it on all devices. Lectora Inspire has a user-friendly interface that you can use to prepare your training courses with high speed and ease, and since this software automatically adapts your design to the size of mobile phones and tablets, you no longer need to worry about the emergence of mobile phones. Be new and redesign your educational content, you only design here once and distribute it anywhere.

The training courses that are created in this software are interactive and based on different scenarios, so for users, this type of training has special charms and many differences with dry and classic training. You can also customize the project to your liking using JavaScript and HTML5 code. For example, you can easily design questions and answers here and use images and audio. You do not have the limitations of the paper world here, it is you who can make the best use of this tool with your creativity and design power.

Installation guide

Copy and run the file in the Crack folder at the software installation location.

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