Leica MineSight 11.00-5 Build 71065-395

Leica MineSight 11.00-5 Build 71065-395

MineSight is software for mining mapping and drilling operations. This product is the answer to all your needs in the field of mining. This program helps engineers a lot in the process of extracting materials from surface and subsurface mines, metals, coal, sand and other industrial materials. With the help of its extensive facilities, this program can easily facilitate various levels of geology, engineering and measurement and drilling operations.

In the exploration phase, it can assist engineers in feasibility, planning, and day-to-day operations by interpreting geological data. Many reputable mining companies, consultants and universities around the world use the solutions provided by this software to better advance their work. MineSight is a comprehensive modeling, analysis, and interpretation system that automatically delivers interesting interpreted results from raw data input that will help engineers improve their decision-making process.

This program uses raw input data in various ways, which is usually done automatically and with the help of advanced geostatistical tools, to build three-dimensional computer models, stratigraphic models and display of terrain features, and comprehensive numerical and analytical reports. Offers. Also in the process of designing various types of mines, including open pit, underground mines and برنامه This program has many auxiliary tools that perform the desired design using automatic and interactive processing. Grossman algorithms are used to optimize the mine mouth. All data used in this program is recorded in a central database and in other projects it is possible to use this data.

Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace all the contents of the Crack folder in the program installation location. At runtime, configure the Environment Variables of each section according to the displayed message, and run the software after restarting Windows.

Version 11 on July 11, 1998 was installed on 64-bit Windows 10 and – as shown in the image – successfully activated.

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Leica MineSight v11.00-5 Build 71065-395

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