Let build Windows an ADO connection string

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I see always people manually building the connection string.
Wy not use the dialog that windows provide for us ? Of course
it is possible to use the PromptDataSource in ADODB, but this
give not the opportunity to see if the user has pressed OK or
Cancel, so we dont know when to save the changes. So I use this
code instead. I hope it benefit many people. Rgds, Wilfried

uses OleDB, ComObj, ActiveX;

function ADOConnectionString(ParentHandle: THandle; InitialString: WideString;
  out NewString: string): Boolean;
  DataInit: IDataInitialize;
  DBPrompt: IDBPromptInitialize;
  DataSource: IUnknown;
  InitStr: PWideChar;
  Result   := False;
  DataInit := CreateComObject(CLSID_DataLinks) as IDataInitialize;
  if InitialString <> '' then
    DataInit.GetDataSource(nil, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, PWideChar(InitialString),
      IUnknown, DataSource);
  DBPrompt := CreateComObject(CLSID_DataLinks) as IDBPromptInitialize;
  if Succeeded(DBPrompt.PromptDataSource(nil, ParentHandle,
    DBPROMPTOPTIONS_PROPERTYSHEET, 0, nil, nil, IUnknown, DataSource)) then
    InitStr := nil;
    DataInit.GetInitializationString(DataSource, True, InitStr);
    NewString := InitStr;
    Result    := True;