Lindo What’sBest! v17.0.0.3 x64

Lindo What’sBest! , Is the name of an application software package in the field of modeling in Excel. In fact, the product in front of you is designed and published as a powerful add-on for optimization and advanced linear and non-linear modeling for Microsoft Excel software. With this add-on you can implement your very complex data and information on a large scale in a spreadsheet in Excel. This add-on is able to make statistical data categorization easy for you.

Also quotes from the creators of Lindo What’sBest! , This product is known as the largest and most efficient way to provide statistical data of your models in Excel. You will experience a very high speed and elegance by using this product and considering its many features. Modeling and data analysis of your model will be done by this product in the most optimal way possible. This add-on is also an ideal tool to provide a variety of accurate models for your customers.

You can also choose the types of page templates depending on your needs. The ability to prepare reports in understandable and simple formats has made it easy for you to trust this add-on. Also, if you have no previous experience working with this additive, you will not have any problems. Easy to use along with user guide documentation allows you to easily use this add-on.

Features of Lindo What’sBest! :

  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Excel software
  • Ability to perform linear and nonlinear modeling in Excel
  • Benefit from the ability to perform advanced large-scale analysis
  • Very simple to use alongside high power in modeling
  • Ability to choose different modeling formats depending on your needs
  • Ability to prepare reports from the data and information obtained
  • Benefit from the documentation for using this add-on

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Lindo What’sBest! v17.0.0.3 x64

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