Linqer for .NET 4.6

Linqer for .NET 4.6

Linqer is a tool for converting high-level and difficult SQL language to LINQ language. Linqer helps you learn the LINQ language and convert the various levels in SQL.
Many programmers familiar with SQL need a tool to translate SQL into LINQ. Sometimes you need to write complex scripts that Linqer can be very helpful in converting from SQL to LINQ.
Linqer is simple yet useful software with good response power and user-friendly environment.
Not only can Linqer convert all levels of SQL to LINQ, but Linqer covers many different definitions in SQL. Linqer supports two languages ​​under .NET, C # and Visual Basic.
LINQ is part of the C # and Visual Basic languages, so it is sensitive to the type of data conversion. But Linqer can build LINQ levels in any format without any defects.
This software also has the ability to convert most auxiliary functions that can be used in SQL.

Features of Linqer:

– Very simple and efficient user interface

– Ability to perform multiple functions and open multiple tabs simultaneously for ease of operation

– Powerful templates that offer many benefits to the user while working

– Support for the first Entity Framework database model

– Support for Entity Framework 6

Installation guide

In the case of version 4.5.4 the program is cracked and it is enough to run the Linqer_DownLoadLy.exe file.

Version 4.0.3 After execution, you must register and run the program again with the phrase in the Serial file.

download link

Download Linqer_4.6.0.0_for .NET 4.6

Download Linqer_4.5.4_for_.NET_4.5

Download Linqer_4.0.3_for_.NET_4.0

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