Liquid Studio 2020

Liquid Studio 2020

Liquid XML Studio is an advanced and powerful XML code editor. This program has features such as graphical editor of XML code and XSD schemas, review of W3C standards, integration with programming environments such as Visual Studio, syntax highlighting of XML code, refactoring capabilities, ability to compare xml files, useful tools for working with xml documents and … Is one of the best XML editors. This program gives you everything you need to work with XML documents.

Features of Liquid XML Studio:

  •  XML Code Graphic Editor
  • XML schema editor including XSD
  • WSDL graphic editor and validation against W3C standards
  • XQuery Editor and Debugger
  • XHTML, XSLTT, DTD editor as well as CSS document editor
  • Ability to map data from files, xml documents, SQL databases with a simple drag / drop in a graphical environment
  • Ability to graphically edit JSON sketches
  • Advanced highlight syntax
  • Ability to call the desired web services and execute SOAP requests with support for HTTP POST, HTTP and user authentication
  • Ability to refract XML code
  • Useful tools for working with XPaths
  • Ability to create sample XML files from XSD schemas
  • Ability to compare XML files
  • Ability to display how to call xml nodes in the form of a graph
  • Ability to correct spelling errors in XML documents
  • Ability to create HTML or websites based on XSD schemas

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Liquid_Studio_2020

Download Liquid Studio 2019 v17.1.14.9682

Download Liquid XML Studio 2015 v13.2.1.5996

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