LiraLand LIRA-SAPR + SAPFIR 2015 R5

LiraLand LIRA-SAPR + SAPFIR 2015 R5

LIRA-SAPR is software for architectural engineering, computing and debugging. This software has powerful and user-friendly tools for generating and parametrically editing 3D models. The parameters and structure of the project components enable you to monitor very complex projects. Familiar concepts and terms such as floor, wall, column, staircase, exterior, etc. also enable you to continue working without delay for study and additional concepts and conditions. LIRA-SAPR is a comprehensive software package that uses BIM technology. This software is intended for analysis and design of building structures.

Features and capabilities of LIRA-SAPR:

  • Dynamic analysis of structures (earthquake, vibration, impact, wind, etc.)
  • Extensive library of finite elements that enable the user to produce computer models: two- and three-dimensional frames, solids as well as composite systems
  • Analysis and design for concrete sections and steel elements according to building codes
  • Option to obtain floor plan, cross-sectional height and window based on integrated 3D model structure
  • Preparation of maps and dimensions symbols, construction of lines, height signs, radius, diameter
  • Flexible user interface that enables you to adjust the menu, shortcuts and screen appearance.
  • Physical and geometric nonlinear modules
  • Production of building or structure design model based on 3D model information provided in SAPFIR-3D program

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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