Live Home 3D Pro 3.8.2 Multilingual macOS

Live Interior 3D is a powerful interior design software that allows you to make your dreams come true! This version of the software is designed for PCs with Mac OS. It does not matter if you are an ordinary person trying to improve your home decor or you are a professional designer who seeks to bridge the gap between dream and reality. In any case, Live Interior 3D is the best tool for you.

All you have to do is provide a draft and a map of the layout of the classes to this software so that it can easily produce a 3D model for you. Also, designing and decorating the interior, optimizing the arrangement of furniture, as well as consciously suggesting colors are some of the capabilities of this software. Finally, you will be able to take photos of the results of your work or even watch the designed space in the form of a 3D film. Lighting is also fully supported in Live Interior 3D, and it is possible to add a variety of lights and lamps. .

Features and specifications of Live Interior 3D software:

  • Prepare a floor plan with tools and as a wizard
  • Very beautiful and professional 3D output display
  • More than 1200 three-dimensional objects such as bookshelf, cupboard, sofa, door, etc.
  • More than 1500 types of materials such as plaster walls, wallpaper and so on
  • Ability to enter 3D designs designed in Trimble 3D Warehouse software.
  • Roof design using 12 custom templates as well as 16 different attic types
  • Output of the desired design in the form of video in 1080P quality

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Only the Live Interior 3D Pro version is included.

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