LiveXAML for Xamarin Forms 1.8.1

LiveXAML is a programming tool in the form of Xamarin. With this tool, you can preview the instant changes on your screen at the same time as the changes you make to your writing code. This tool is considered as a development tool. You will be able to debug the program you are writing at the same time and fix the flaws of your software.

LiveXAML tool There are no restrictions on the code and your use of this tool library, and you can use this tool to the fullest. Using this tool is very simple and you do not need any additional setup and configuration except the initial installation.

Features and features of LiveXAML plugin:

  • Simple and easy installation of this tool only by installing VS extension and NuGet package
  • Simple and painless use of this tool will increase your speed
  • Debugging this software is constantly done with updates
  • With this tool you will be able to save your time
  • This tool has a moment preview and you will see a preview with each change
  • You can fix the defects of your software with this tool
  • Infinite use in writing code and using the rich library of information of this tool

Installation guide

Remember that you need to install NuGet packages to run this tool perfectly  . Visual Studio 2017 software has  this plugin and if you use this software, you will not need to install this plugin.

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Download LiveXAML_for Xamarin Forms 1.8.1

Download LiveXAML_1.7.5 for Xamarin Forms

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