Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library 3.3

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library 3.3

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library is a simple and powerful .NET library for reading, deleting and sending SMS and WAP Push in English or Unicode-based languages ​​by connecting mobile phones and GSM modems to the PC serial port or Bluetooth and infrared. The speed of sending SMS in this Activix is ​​very high, for 2G networks ten to twelve SMS per minute, 2.5G networks 15 to 17 SMS and 3G GSM / WCDMA C to 32 SMS can be sent. The Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library is small in size and can be used in all .NET languages, including C #, Visual Basic, and..

Features of Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library:

  • Supports ETSI GSM 07.05 / 07.07 standards and is compatible with Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola and مو mobile phones.
  • Very high speed in sending SMS depending on GSM modem speed, network traffic, network speed and…
  • Supports several types of connection (serial port via USB, Bluetooth and infrared cable)
  • Ability to send Wap Push
  • Ability to read and delete text messages from the modem or GSM phone inbox
  • Ability to read the contact list and recent calls of some phones
  • Ability to read device settings and specifications including battery percentage, antenna signal strength and…
  • Ability to send USSD codes
  • Automatically detects the Com ports to which the modem / phone is connected

Installation guide

Use Keygen to register the application.

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