LS-DYNA SMP R11.1.0 x64

LS-DYNA SMP R11.1.0 x64

LS-DYNA is a finite element program capable of simulating real-world complex problems. LS-DYNA software is used in manufacturing and engineering, automotive, aerospace, construction and military industries. This software is optimized for Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems. The roots of the code are nonlinear and dynamic finite element analysis is performed using explicit time integration. Nonlinear means it has one of the following effects:

  • Changing boundary conditions such as contact between components that change over time.
  • Large deformations, for example crumpling of sheet metal parts
  • Nonlinear materials that do not exhibit ideal elastic behavior. For example, thermoplastic polymers

Dynamic transition means high-speed analysis of short-term events in which inertial forces are important.

  • Car accident (chassis deformation, airbag swelling, seat belt tension)
  • Explosion (submarine mine)
  • Making metal sheets

Features and specifications of LS-DYNA software:

  • Full two-dimensional and three-dimensional capability
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Rigid dynamics
  • Quasi-static simulation
  • Normal modes
  • Linear statistics
  • Thermal analysis
  • Fluid analysis (Eulerian capabilities, Navier-Stokes fluids )
  • Underwater shock
  • Failure analysis
  • Real-time acoustics
  • Multiphysics pairs and thermal structures
  • SPH (smooth thermodynamic particles)
  • EFG (Galerkin Free Element)
  • Radiation transport
  • EM (electromagnetic)
  • Contains beam library elements (standard, discrete, cables and welding with more than 10 beam element formulations)
  • Discrete elements (springs and aids)
  • Compact mass, acceleration, sensors, seat belts

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

! Version 11.0 should not be installed on a computer with ANSYS software installed due to the lack of crack coordination.

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