Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus free

Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus free

Lucion FileConvert is a useful software for converting scanned documents to standard and searchable pdf files. In some older institutions, such as companies with traditional organizational structures, computer scanning of documents and archives is still used. As you know, scanned documents are images that can not be searched, you can not select text from them and use in other software. They have poor readability, high volume and other related problems. It would be nice if these documents were saved as standard pdf files and we could search inside these files, copy the text and do other common tasks.

Lucion FileConvert is released for exactly this purpose. You can add a folder containing your scanned files to this program so that they can all be converted to standard PDF documents in batches. Since this program intelligently extracts texts from scanned images through OCR technology, it takes a little time, but the result is satisfactory. The final pdf files are as small as digital books and have standard features such as searchability, text selection, line highlighting, and more. The program is able to automatically search the specified path and identify and convert files that need to be converted.

Features and Features of Lucion FileConvert:

  •  Ability to batch scanned documents into pdf files
  • Ability to search and select text in final files
  • Ability to use network scanners
  • Automatic search of specified paths and automatic conversion of documents
  • Has simple and step-by-step wizards
  • Ability to schedule heavy work to be divided between different days

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