Lucky Patcher v10.2.4 build 1784 + v10.2.2 Mod Color for Android +4.0
Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher v10.2.4 build 1784 + v10.2.2 Mod Color for Android +4.0


Lucky Patcher is software for Android, with the help of which you can deactivate software licenses and use them indefinitely without the need to pay or buy a license. Some of the software that is downloaded from the Android Market needs license confirmation, otherwise, the software will be disabled and will not run after some time. For this reason, an activation file is also provided with this software. Lucky Patcher software is able to search among the software installed on the phone and show the user a list of software that needs license approval and remove their license so that the user can use them without any restrictions.

Features and features of the Lucky Patcher program:

– Removing the license of most of the software offered in the Android market and programs that work offline.
– Showing the right way to remove software license
– Software backup
– Output from activated software in APK format
– Delete the software and their data

Tips of the Lucky Patcher app:

To install and use this program, your phone must be rooted.

Meanings of program colors in  Lucky Patcher software :

Green:  The app has a very high chance of being patched.

Yellow color:  the program has a dedicated patch, and if the version of the installed program matches the patch, the program will be 100% cracked.

Light blue color:  The app has Google ads and can be removed by patching the ads.

Pink color: the program is in the boot list and runs automatically when Android boots up.

Dim color:  The app has in-app payments and you have a chance to make fake payments.

Red Color:  The app is not patched and there is no chance to crack them.

Orange color:  The program is an Android system program, and you must be careful when patching it, and the program may sometimes malfunction.

Leaflet:  Lucky Pager has made changes to the program.

Asterisk: ODEX file created with changes applied to the program. If you remove ODEX, the program will return to the state before patching.

required system

Android 4.0 and up


Lucky Patcher


Installation guide

If there is an error in the installation, first delete the previous version and then install the new version.

The Installer version installs the program with a random package name every time.

download link

Download Lucky Patcher v10.2.4 build 1784
Download Lucky Patcher Installer v10.2.4 build 1784
Download Luck Patcher Mod Color Lite v10.2.2 build 1782 armeabi-v7a
Download Lucku Patcher Mod Color Lite v10.2.2 build 1782 arm64-v8a
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