Luxand FaceSDK 7.2.0

Luxand FaceSDK enables developers of C ++, C #, Objective C, VB, Java and Delphi to create 32-bit and 64-bit applications for the web, Windows, Linux, MacOS X, iOS and Android with heart-based face recognition and face-based biometric recognition . FaceSDK is used in hundreds of applications to identify and authenticate users with the webcam, face matching in photo databases, automatic face recognition in graphic editors, and face recognition in still images and video streams. FaceSDK can be used to build secure detection control systems, monitoring and absenteeism. FaceSDK is designed under different lighting conditions and works well in daylight, fluorescence and incandescent light.

Mobile platform support:

The component supports two popular mobile platforms and allows mobile developers to create apps to identify people using Android and iOS devices.

Face Recognition:

The existing library can compare different faces and allow you to identify human faces in still images and video streams using a database.

Features and specifications of Luxand FaceSDK component:

  • Face recognition and tracking in live video streaming
  • Stable face detection independent of light conditions
  • Fast and accurate face recognition in photos and videos
  • Quick eye detection in photos and videos
  • Recognize 66 facial features, smooth face tracking feature in video
  • Automatic gender detection in photos and videos
  • Supports any webcam on the market, including MJPEG and IP cameras
  • Wide range of functions for manipulating and converting images

Installation guide

The serial required to register the component is provided.

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